“ Mansour Pourmand a natural- born storyteller “

"Mansour Pourmand is definitely a natural-born storyteller. The speech is compelling from beginning to end. Fascinating subject that I believe is applicable to almost everyone.  your thoughts create your own reality . if you believe in yourself,  and keep visualizing and affirming what you want you ultimately realize your dream life.

That’s not to say that American audiences won’t already be familiar with the concept of affirmations and visualizations, but what he  has done is put a personal face on the idea. Made it funny, made it touching, and made the idea more convincing than I have ever heard or read it. Very entertaining speech."

Jessica Hoard, writer, editor , critic

Why Does Success Seem To Come Natural For Some People And Difficult For Others?

Why Does Success Seem to Come Naturally
to Some People and Elude Others?

What is the knack for success that seems to come easily to some people and eludes others? Why are some people, no matter how hard they try, plagued by disappointment, failure, and lost opportunities? Why do some people seem to always be falling behind, watching precious years pass by, and missing out on the life they should be living? Do the successful among us possess a secret to life that others don’t? The answer is YES, they do. They know the Magic Power of the Mind.

Most of us aren’t aware of the colossal power of the mind to transform our lives. the power of our mind can help you to get rid of stress, overcome anxiety, smooth relationships with family members and colleagues, advance careers, find a soul mate and achieve the success , happiness and prosperity which always seemed out of your reach. It is a power that is already in your hands. You just need the tools to make it work for you. Mansour Pourmand has discovered these tools and wants to share them with you.

He used them to successfully reinvent his own life. He has taught scores of people how to use these tools to turn their lives around.
A natural-born storyteller, Pourmand captivates audiences with the tale of his personal journey to self-enlightenment, one that is at times hilarious, at times sad, and occasionally both at the same time . By sharing his story, he can teach you how to achieve your goals of self-fulfillment discover your true self, fulfill your dreams, and take control of your destiny.

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