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"Aladdin's Secret beautifully reveals the deeper secrets of self-help psychology.  Having Weaved a masterfully crafted narrative involving love, loss and self-sacrifice, Pourmand reveals how affirmation, positive visualization & self talk, resting on the bed rock of the discovery of our true inner beauty, puts us in contact with the higher truth of our existence.  Revealing deeply personal discoveries, Pourmand demonstrates how a shift away from the automatic states of mind of trauma and survival to that of growth, personal development, and the self-discovery of yet unknown inner powers awaits us all.
I would highly recommend this book to all of my patients and those in search of self-discovery and the realization of the inner truths of our minds."

-Dr. David Leviadin , MD , FIPA

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA Medical School
Director of the Institute of Biobehavioral  Medicine

“I picked  up the book  yesterday morning, at five am, and finished it early this morning (in two sittings total!). It's a very great read with a timely and important message. I really enjoyed your clever weaving of the Aladdin story and the other sub plots,  to deliver the message and the Genie/subconscious reference. I also liked the way the message was presented in a somewhat Socratic dialogue. I was most impressed with the chapters on the ego, visualization and self esteem- so true.  I certainly hope that this book will find its way into the mainstream, and help as many people as possible. “

Roy Elahi
President, Stonecastle Land and Home Financial, Inc.

"Aladdin’s Secret" is one of the most powerful books I have read…in fact I've read it twice! In the format of a love story, Mansour has captured the essence of living a joyous life in a way that is easy to understand and digest. Within the thrilling tale, one finds the “secrets” to finding themselves, hope, faith, love and happiness. "Aladdin’s Secret" is sure to become a classic along the lines of “The Alchemist”.

Mary Bucci Harper director
Possibility Solutions

Aladdin's Secret was a pleasure to read, I found myself reading it in two days, it was hard to put down. I highly recommend reading Aladdin's Secret to both laymen and professionals and everyone in between. It is a book that can help anyone and everyone benefit from learning how the disciplining of our minds towards positive and creative use can in fact, change our lives profoundly or make an already good life, even better.

Mari Hernandez
LCSW , Life Coaching and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

I recently joined a book club in which Aladdin's Secret was the book of choice.  I thoroughly enjoyed  reading  the book.  After reading this book I now have a better understanding  on how the ego [ negative beliefs ] plays a huge role in one's every day life.  I developed a stronger way to defeat the negative side of ego. I've lived most of my life believing my inner negative ego.  Now I realize how one can defeat it with on going positive mind affirmations.

Liz Rubio


Aladdin's Secret

“Educated Americans as well as others will be able to understand and relate to the content of the book. I enjoyed it thoroughly myself, even though I have read many books on a variety of these subjects. Pourmand  put a new spin on it and identified many underlying problems that many of us are still coping with.”

Teresa Abney
Literary editor

“Just finished reading "Aladdin's Secret" by Mansour Pourmand. I couldn't put it down since I had started it. It's so well researched, and it talked to me easily. I remember that's how I felt when I read, "Flow: the psychology of optimal experience" by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and "A new earth" by Eckhart Tolle. A must read for everyone. “

Dr. Marjan Tabibzadeh MD,


Aladdin's Secret

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