About The Speaker

When he was eighteen years old, author and playwright Mansour Pourmand left his native Iran and traveled alone to the United States to study dramatic arts at the University of California at Los Angeles.  At UCLA Mansour noticed that most of the students were happy and  exude confidence and were quick to take advantage of social opportunities when they arose. Much as he would have liked to join his fellow students, Mansour’s dreadful shyness made it impossible for him to be anything other than a lonely observer.

Mansour went home to Iran after graduation and founded his own production company. At the outbreak of the Iranian Revolution, he returned to Los Angeles and took up residency. While his endeavors were not without success, it became more apparent to him that happiness and success in life came more easily and more naturally to some people and others struggled mightily but always fell short of their goals.

Refusing to accept that this pattern was simply fate, Mansour spent 20 years investigating how to be happy and  successful in all aspects of his life. What he learned allowed him to turn his life around, obtain his goals, and live the life of his dreams.  Two years ago Mansour , now a successful playwright , author and public speaker ,  decided the time had come to share this knowledge so others might improve their lives.

 Mansour is an engaging and entertaining  storyteller who speaks compellingly about how to unlock the secret to a more productive, fulfilling life. Using his own life experiences, he shares how to move past your limiting beliefs and fears to live the life of your dreams.

His speech is based on his highly acclaimed book, “Aladdin’s Secret “ , which has been compared , by readers , with  such classics as , “Flow: the psychology of optimal experience" by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi , "A new earth" by Eckhart Tolle. And  Paula Coelho’s “Alchemist “. For readers’comments please check  mirzalu.com

Mansour   , a  comedic  playwright , has imbued   his speech  with such an abundance of  entertaining and  funny  stories  and witty remarks that you can hardly stop laughing.

Mansour will discuss how to

  • Successfully manage the challenges of daily life and avoid becoming overwhelmed by stress
  • Identify and eradicate the negative thought patterns and beliefs that keep you from achieving your goals
  • Improve your relationship with your loved ones, your boss and colleagues, and your friends
  • Conquer social anxiety, improve your social skills, and increase your self-confidence
  • Eradicate any painful, damaging memories that have thwarted your progress, so you can start a new life.


"A natural-born storyteller, Pourmand, will captivate audiences with the tale of his personal journey into self-enlightenment, one that is at times hilarious, at times sad , and occasionally both at the same time. Very entertaining speech."

Jessica Hoard, writer, editor, and critic

“What is more important than the words in the speech is the spirit in which you deliver it. There is much need for inspiration and encouragement nowadays. Everyone needs it. Your speech delivers.”

Gloria Golden, author, spiritualist

“This is a great speech! It opened my eyes to various things/situations in my life that I had the ability to change, but didn't have the heart to. I now understand I can create the life I want to live.”

 Gloria Rodriguez, teacher

Mansour Pourmand