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"Aladdin's Secret", The Speech

"A natural-born storyteller, Pourmand, will captivate audiences with the tale of his personal journey into self-enlightenment, The speech is compelling from beginning to end. Very entertaining.

Jessica Hoard, writer, editor, and critic

“What is more important than the words in the speech is the spirit in which you deliver it. There is much need for inspiration and encouragement nowadays. Everyone needs it. Your speech delivers.”

Gloria Golden, author, spiritualist

“This is a great speech! It opened my eyes to various things/situations in my life that I had the ability to change, but didn't have the heart to. I now understand I can create the life I want to live.”
Gloria Rodriguez, teacher
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Mansour Pourmand

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"Aladdin's Secret", The Book

"Aladdin’s Secret" is one of the most powerful books I have read…in fact I've read it twice! In the format of a love story, Mansour has captured the essence of living a joyous life...(Read More)

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 "Aladdin's Untold Story", The Movie

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